Inventory Count, is a offline-online inventory count management application that allow you to count yours products with your mobile phone without any other device. This app is flexible to configure, quick to implement and a perfect POS and ERP system Companion.

Our own stocktake system solution

InventoryCount can be implemented in any current stock environment according to the existing warehouse layout and location setup. The solution is specifically designed to execute a paperless inventory through a progressive web app for mobile devices that have integrated barcode scanner.
InventoryCount dramatically reduces throughput time compared with traditional stocktakes and does not require any other investments.

Main Functionalities

Why not make your physical inventories easier and more reliable ?


InventoryCount guides you through an easy and simple configuration to prepare a inventory.

Centralised management

InventoryCount is able to connect multiple warehouse locations, areas and zones. Centralised management from one control panel on local or online.

COUNT synchronization

The use of InventoryCount on smartphones can be synchronized with a local wifi network.


InventoryCount offers the opportunity to create a count sequence, enabling the administrator to direct the count teams efficiently through the aisles and locations, optimising time utilisation.


Direct users real time to underperforming areas.
Incoming Functionnalities :

- Cycle count management
- Barcode generator
- Print Barcode/Label

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